Family dinners are so much more relaxed now and a positive end to our day, and Margaret is eating more quantity and more variety overall.  Sarah’s input was bang on…she knows her stuff!

Michelle P, mom to Margaret

You don’t have to cringe every time you hear “Mommy, I’m hungry!”
You don’t have to feel lost when it comes to choosing foods or planning meals.
You don’t have feel the frustration of watching your kids throw their food on the floor instead of eat it.
Let’s play pretend for a moment.

• You’re CONFIDENT your kids are eating the best possible foods. You’re armed with simple, straightforward nutritional information so it’s easy to pick meals and snacks.

• You have TIMEBecause you know how to meal plan, and you have an arsenal of SIMPLE healthy recipes at your fingertips.

• Your kids LOVE to eat! They naturally get enough nutrients and vitamins because their diet is diverse and full of real, wholesome foods. You don’t even have to question if they’re getting enough iron or vitamin D.

• You know exactly how to introduce NEW foods without fighting, crying (you or your kid) or pinning them down.  They eat a variety of foods which means you do too!

• Dinnertime is a place of CALM. It’s a time for relaxed, family bonding that you actually look forward to and enjoy!  Goodbye dinnertime battlefield!

• You’re so KNOWLEDGEABLE about your kids nutrition that judgement from other moms or family members just rolls off your back. You know what’s best for your family and it’s working great!

• Most importantly, your kids are a HEALTHY!  They’re at the weight that is right for them, thriving from a nutrient rich diet, and full of energy.  Not that they needed more energy, but at least now you have the energy to keep up!

That was a pretty fun round of pretend. But guess what? 

Sarah helped to guide us through the process of introducing solids. Her support helped to alleviate our concerns and gave us the confidence to feed our son. I’m happy to report that the transition to solids went very smoothly and he is now a very healthy eater!

Daniella C, mom to Mac


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I took back the info you gave us and shared it with the teachers that eat with the kids. I really stressed taking the pressure away from eating and am happy to say that the picky eaters are eating very well now.  I think it would be great for all daycare teachers to attend your workshops!

Debbie, Daycare Provider

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