Good Morning!  I hope everyone in my neck of the woods is huddled up indoors and avoiding the storm outside.  It’s crazy out there!

So Tyson turned one years old this week.  Where has the time gone?  This milestone came wayyyyy too quickly for my liking, but I’m so proud of the toddler that Tyson is growing up to be and we are having such a great time with him at this age.  More on my roller-coaster of emotions later 🙂

For today, I’m just going to give my recap of  what I want to remember about Tyson’s eleventh month…

Tyson - Eleven Months

  • Favourite Foods: Peas, avocados, bananas, “green soup”, blueberries, salmon (yep, we introduced fish)
  • Most Disliked Foods: Carrots – he won’t eat them pureéed or in chunks.  It’s weird.
  • He finally claps!  Not on demand of course, but he loves to do it out of the blue and is so proud of himself when he does it.
  • How he would rather read than feed at night now.  He will fight to climb up to the bookshelf to pick a book.  And after each book, he fights to pick another.  So cute.  Favourite Book:  Pink, Red, Blue.  What Are You?
  • His love of everything peek-a-boo; behind the chair, behind your back, hands over your eyes, blanket over the head – it’s all hilarious to Tyson this month.
  • His continued love affair with the walnuts.  STILL his favourite toy.  Now he likes to put them through a paper towel tube over and over again.
  • How he loves playing with the salad spinner.  It’s also better than most toys to him!
  • How anything that involves “emptying” something is amusing to him – the tupperware drawer, his dresser drawers, my make-up bag, his bag of blocks, my sock drawer – you get the picture.  Yet  conveniently he has not figured out how to put things away.  Therefore, I feel like I live in the aftermath of a tornado!
  • How he is also very amused by opening and closing doors.  Until he closes it on his fingers of course.
  • How he will turn the TV off and then look back at you and laugh.
  • His new favourite song: “Red Rabbit, Green Gorilla”.  Okay, it’s my favourite too.
  • How much he loves to climb the stairs.
  • How he hates, hates, hates being changed.  I realllly hope he grows out of this one.  Or maybe we will just have to potty-train him early!
  • His baby mullet.  His hair is getting so long at the back and around the ears, and usually looks super crazy when he wakes up or takes off his hat, but I’m totally that mother that won’t cut it yet despite Jon’s threats to snip it while I am out.
  • How happy he is almost all the time.  Sure, he has his grumpy moments but there is a smile on that kid’s face most of the day. Even when he is grumpy, it’s usually easy to make him laugh with a silly face or a song.  It’s awesome.

I will have a one-year recap up shortly where I will focus on Tyson’s eating habits now that he is entering the toddler stage.

Stay warm!


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