Oh how time flies!  Time for another Tyson post.


Here are some things I want to remember about Tyson during his tenth month…

  • Favourite Foods:  Peas, eggs mixed with veggies, lentil soup, avocado (he’s grown to love it!) and still turnip.
  • Most Disliked Foods: He seems to be LOVING food this month and will eat pretty much anything…except green beans when they are not pureed for some reason.
  • How he will finally imitate us (when he feels like it!)  His wave is particularly cute.
  • How he puts his hand on his head when we say “Oh Noooooo”.
  • His preference for certain books.  Sandra Boynton is in.  Anything with more than 10 words on a page is out.
  • How his favourite book of the month is “Goodnight Moon” and how he loves to point out the “kitties” in the pictures.
  • How he laughs at anyone else laughing, which always results in more laughter until everyone in the room is laughing really hard.  It’s awesome.
  • His one snaggle tooth.
  • How he will pick certain foods out of his bowl that he doesn’t like and toss it on the floor (i.e. green beans) and eat the foods he does like (i.e. peas).
  • That even though he has a ton of fancy new toys from Christmas, his favourite activity is playing with a bowl full of walnuts.  The walnuts come out of the bowl.  The walnuts go back into the bowl.  It never gets old.
  • How he loves to hold onto our hands to walk and kick the ball.  I think we have a budding soccer player on our hands.
  • How he tries to eat my hair every single time I pick him up.
  • How he loves being flipped upside down. Giggles galore.
  • How cute he looks drinking out of a sippy cup.
  • When he dances.  It’s more of a butt wiggle but he definitely likes to jam to certain songs – especially ones with good guitar riffs.
  • His sweet hugs.

This month Tyson has turned into a “little” boy before our eyes.  I still can’t believe that it is only one more month until he turns one (sniff sniff).


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