Confidently transform your picky child’s eating habits in 6 weeks and give them the healthy kick start they need!

(without bribing them with ice-cream, secretly sneaking greens into their smoothie or wanting to tear your hair out in frustration).

Let’s face it, you have no idea what to do about your picky eater, but you know you need some help. Some REAL help.  And fast.

But you can barely find the time to shower, let alone plan out a research-backed, science-approved plan to make them eat.

Plus, parenting a picky eater can be an isolating experience. You would love to know that there are other parents out there who are dealing with the same struggles, so you don’t feel so alone (or like such a failure!)

So, here’s what you’re dealing with…

So, here’s what you’re dealing with…

You have a child who doesn’t love healthy food. Or food in general (unless it’s breaded or contains chocolate).

You’re sneaking spinach into their food at every opportunity, simply to reassure yourself that they’re getting the nutrition they need. 

You avoid going to other people’s houses for dinner. It’s embarrassing to see their kids gobble up everything in sight, while your child refuses to eat (or just throws the food on the floor).

Convincing your child that broccoli will give them superpowers, or begging them to take “one more bite” is the extent of the dinner conversation . (Usually followed up by some sort of bribe!)

Not to mention…

You’re overwhelmed with the MASSIVE amount of information and statistics out there when it comes to feeding your kids. Who has time to sort through all of that?

You’re sick of fluffy, impractical solutions that just aren’t realistic for your family.

You don’t want to spend every minute (of what little free time you have) trying to solve this problem. (Sorry kids, Netflix is calling.)

You just want answers.

Some direction. A step-by-step plan that you know will produce results for your picky eater – without the serious time commitment.

Is that too much to ask?

I want you to take a moment and imagine a world where…

You cook one meal that everyone will eat. (Say goodbye to cooking a separate meal for your child)

Coming to the table doesn’t include yelling, screaming, tantrums or drama. (Your child comes to the table willingly and your family ENJOYS meals together) 

Your child is eating consistently at meals and you’re not worried that they’re going to starve. (You feel like a super-mama because you’re setting them up for a healthy future)

They’re curious and excited about food and open to trying new things. (No more of the same 4 foods on rotation)


The truth is nothing changes if nothing changes.

Meaning, if you want your picky eater to start eating a wide variety of food on the regular, for them to really, truly look forward to coming to the table, and to make sure you are setting them up to be a happy and healthy eater for the rest of their lives…you need to do something DIFFERENT than what you’ve already been doing.


The Picky Eater Reboot

The Picky Eater Reboot

 A fun and interactive online group coaching program for moms who want to shake things up at the dinner table.  Join this program and you will see some BIG changes in your picky eater in a SHORT period of time.

Think of it as a “mini-bootcamp”, designed to whip your kid’s habits into shape. (But with no yelling or push-ups required.)

Together, we’ll guide your picky eater through a series of strategies that will change their attitude towards food and get them excited to come to the table.  And most importantly, you’ll learn how set your child up for a lifetime of healthy eating. (So you won’t be calling them when they’re 25 to make sure they’ve eaten their veggies.)

**This round of the The Picky Eater Reboot starts on January 29th, 2018**

“We joined the Picky Eater Reboot because we wanted our sons to try/eat a greater variety of food. Since doing the program, they look forward to mealtimes, get excited about trying new foods and I only serve one meal for the whole family. It was a really well-thought-out program and we definitely saw results. I’m continuing to layer in the great strategies and I know that we will see even more improvements.”

Hillary, mom of boys ages 4 and 2

What’s included?

This program is totally research based but delivered in a fun, easy to manage format so it doesn’t feel like school. (We’re talking 30 minutes in front of your computer per week – max!)

 All my advice is PRACTICAL and broken down into easy to digest steps (even for us with mommy-brain).

And the best part? You can do it from your own home, at your own pace, in your own pajamas. Yay!

This program contains TWO PARTS that make transforming your picky eater easy (you won’t need to invest hours a day in order to see results) and a TON of fun.


Every week during the 6-week program, you’ll receive access to a weekly lesson, which includes:

  • A short VIDEO (that you can watch from anywhere) where you’ll learn powerful feeding theories + actionable strategies that will change your child’s eating habits.
  • A weekly HOMEWORK CHECKLIST with step-by-step instructions on how you can apply the strategies right away (so that you start seeing immediate results) 
  • 2-3 RESOURCES that will enhance the effectiveness of the strategy (recipes, a worksheet, checklists and other fun and helpful things) 

This program is super easy to follow and totally self-paced.  You can watch the videos whenever and wherever you have time! (While you’re brushing your teeth?)

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn in each of the SIX modules:


We’ll set a basic framework for working with a picky eater. Learn the best practices that will set your picky eater up for success.


  • The most important (but super simple) first step to shifting your child’s attitude at mealtime.
  • The root cause of your child’s picky eating and how to tailor your apporach accordingly.
  • Your role at the table (HINT: it’s not what you think) and where to let your child have control.
  • How to know if your child is eating too much or too little to ensure they’re getting the nutrients they need to thrive.


Like with all things parenting, setting up the right boundaries (and staying consistent) can make all the difference with picky eating.


  • The right timing for meals and snacks and why a schedule will transform mealtime.
  • What foods to serve and how to leverage this knowledge at mealtime so that your child is more open to accepting foods.
  • The correct seating and set-up at the table to support good eating and behaviour.
  • How to start and end every meal to drastically increase the chance that your child will eat.


Making the eating experience enjoyable is key to developing a positive relationship with food.


  • The biggest mistake preventing your child from eating and how to turn things around.
  • How to turn meals into a place of calm and family connection and say goodbye to drama and complaining.
  • Why letting them play with their food is a GOOD thing and how to do it the right way.
  • Tons of strategies, ideas and activities for making food and mealtimes more appealing so that your child actually enjoys coming to the table.


This is all about getting your child to accept a wide variety of different foods on a regular basis.


  • How to introduce NEW foods that your child will actually eat using foods and textures they already like.
  • Why you’re serving the wrong thing for breakfast and what to serve instead.
  • The right process for encouraging kids to explore new foods – no pressure required.
  • What to do when your child doesn’t like food mixed together so you don’t have to say goodbye to soups, casseroles and other one-pot meals.


The small changes that can slowly shift your child’s mindset and help transform their relationship with food forever.


  • Why talking about food outside of meals can encourage healthier eating and how to use specific tools to develop a curiousity about food.
  • How to “sneak” veggies into food the right way and why being deceptive can backfire.
  • What your child should and should not be saying at the table and how simple shifts in language can transform their attitude about food.
  • Fun and interactive ways to get your kids excited about food so they will ASK to try new things.


When it comes to raising healthy eaters, there are no quick fixes. I’m not promising it’s going to be easy. We will focus on overcoming challenges now and as your child moves through various stages in life (hello teenagers!)


  • How YOUR relationship with food affects your child’s eating and how to be the best possible example for them.
  • The most effective way to handle treats so that your child isn’t constantly begging for them.
  • Managing outside influences (ahem…grandparents) because you can’t keep your child in a bubble forever.
  • How to make healthy habits last because we won’t be there to shove broccoli down their throat when they leave home.


Getting help with your picky eater is nice.  But having other mamas that totally get what you’re dealing with along for the ride?  Well, that’s just plain FUN! (Who’s bringing the wine?)

The second component of The Picky Eater Reboot is access to a special Facebook Group that only participants can access, so you can converse with other moms who are going through the program at the same time. You can ask questions, give advice, share what’s been working, and of course, VENT!

I’ll be active in the group daily, facilitating discussion with relevant topics, providing extra tips, recipes and bonus videos + discussions, and tossing in my own experiences as well. 

And, of course, I’ll be answering ANY and ALL questions. (Seriously – ask me anything. Want to know my most embarressing moment?  I’ll tell ya!)

after the reboot…

You’ll feel CONFIDENT that you’re feeding your child in a way that will set them up to be a healthy eating adolescent, and then adult.

Mealtimes will be CALM, inspiring and even FUN! Your children will actually look forward to meals. (What?) And you will look forward to incorporating the strategies into your week because they’re super enjoyable for your kiddo.

Your child will become more CONSISTENT about eating. They’ll enjoy a variety of food and will be curious and maybe even adventurous about new foods. (Goodbye to only eating PB&J)

You’ll be KNOWLEDGEABLE about how to deal with picking eating problems as they arise. The course is given in bite-size pieces so it is manageable, and therefore retainable.

You’ll feel SUPPORTED. Even after the course, you’ll have access to the Facebook group if you ever need advice, support, or want to share a glass of wine over the interwebs.



100% of moms who completed the Picky Eater Reboot said they would recommend the program to other moms dealing with a picky eater!









You’ll get 6 weeks of video lessons, homework checklists and additional resources (recipes, worksheets, checklists etc), access to the private Facebook group, all of the bonuses and more for only $297!

Join NOW for early bird price of $247

Sign up for The Picky Eater Reboot TODAY!

Early bird pricing ends January 22 at midnight (EST) and the reboot starts January 29, 2018.  (Space is limited and this may be the only time I run the program this year.)

Before the Picky Eater Reboot, dinner time was stressful and my picky eater was very anxious. Plus there was a lot of pressure and bribery happening! Now mealtimes are much less stressful for everyone and I feel confident that my daughter is developing healthy habits. The content and strategies in the program are so great and Sarah’s philosophies and approach totally resonated with me. I want her to move in with us!”

Amanda, mom of a 4 year old

And that’s not all…. (bonus alert!)

And that’s not all…. (bonus alert)

When you enroll in The Picky Eater Reboot, you’ll also get access to these amazing bonuses:

BONUS 1Weekly TIPS email

Ready to take the weekly strategies to the next level? Every Friday, you’ll receive an email with advanced tips, fun activity ideas and additional resources to help you take further action if your picky eater is ready for more. (And if they’re not quite ready – those tips will be there AFTER the program finishes, so you can continue to build on your progress!)

BONUS 2: Nutrition for Kids 101 – Video

Worried about whether your picky eater is getting the vitamins and nutrients they need? In this video, I’ll walk you through the basics of making sure your child is getting the nutrition they need to thrive – picky or not. I’ll give you an overview of what macro and micro nutrients are most important for growth and brain development (and in what quantities), how to make sure your child is eating a balanced diet the promotes optimal health and how to tell if their limited diet is resulting in nutrient deficiencies.  When you’re confident that your kiddo is getting the nutrition they need, the easier it will be to stay relaxed as you work through the rest of the program.

BONUS 3: 1-Week Meal Plan 

Your enrolment includes a 1-Week Meal Plan with 7 full days of healthy recipes that are picky eater approved. The meal plan is designed to incorporate all the strategies you’ll learn througout the course – because sometimes you just need a visual of how to put what you’ve learned into action! PLUS you’ll get a categorized grocery list (to make shopping a breeze) and day-by-day meal prep instructions, so you can see the power of meal planning when it comes to raising a healthy eater.

 Join NOW for the early bird price of $247


Don’t see your question here? Just shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you right away!

When does the program start?
This round of the program starts on Monday, January 29, 2018.
What age is the program designed for?
The Picky Eater Reboot is geared towards picky children between the ages of 2-8.

However, most of the strategies in the program can be applied to feeding children outside this age range.

How do I know if my child is "picky" enough for the program?
If you or your child is experiencing any sort of stress at the dinner table, then something needs to change!

The Picky Eater Reboot is designed for kids at all stages of the picky eating spectrum and no matter where your child falls, you will see significant improvement in their eating by the end of the program (and more importantly, you will have the tools to continue to support further improvements.)

Does this program promote the "eat it or starve" method?
While many of us were brought up in a household where the choice was to eat was served, or go to bed hungry, I don’t believe this is the most effective technique for dealing with picky eating.

When a child comes to the table hungry but then feels like there is nothing there for them to eat, it can cause extreme stress and anxiety.  Not only does this decrease appetite (stress hormones cause hunger cues to turn off!), it reinforces a negative association with eating.

In order to help support a happy and healthy relationship with food, The Picky Eater Reboot will show you how to approach meals in a way that will expose kids to new foods, while ensuring that they never feel backed into a corner or forced to eat something.

Are you going to tell me WHAT to feed my child?
While some modules of the program will include a recipe or two to try, and I share recipes in the Facebook Group, the focus of the program is on developing healthy habits (and trying not to get too caught up in exactly what they are or are not eating.)

Every child will be in a different place on the spectrum of picky eating, and the goal of the program is to move your child forward in the number of foods and amont of variety they will accept.

(However, one of the included bonuses in a Nutrition 101 video, which will provide more detailed guidelines on what foods kids need in order to thrive!)

I will be away for 1 week during the program. Can I still participate?
You bet!

While the program is delivered over 6 weeks, you will have access to the videos forever so you can do the program at the pace that works for you.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the program each week?
The weekly video is short and sweet, so you’ll be in front of your computer for approximately 30 minutes per week (max!)

Implementing the strategies will depend on what stage you are at with your picky eater. However, most of the strategies are simple and you’ll be able to integrate them into your family’s routine at a pace that works for you.

Do I have to choose just one of my kids to particiate in the reboot?

Past participants have had 2 or more picky kiddos in the house (who often learn bad habits from each other!) Each video and homework checklist will outline strategies for you to implement with the entire family, so all of your kids will show improvement in their relationship with food – even the non-picky ones.

My child has a severe medical condition that impacts their ability to eat. Is this program right for them?
While there are a number of underlying factors that can contribute to the picky eating, any severe medical conditions should be dealt with prior to implementing a picky eating strategy.

If your child suffers from a severe medical condition that is impacting their ability to eat, my heart goes out to you and I recommend that you speak to your doctor before considering this program.

(Please note that kids with mild sensory or digestive issues would still benefit from this program.)

“My biggest concern before the Picky Eater Reboot was that my daughter did not eat any vegetables. Dinnertime was stressful because she didn’t want to try anything new. My biggest AHA moment from the program was that I was unintentionally pressuring her about food! Now mealtimes are MUCH less stressful because she is curious about new foods and I feel confident that she is developing healthy habits.” 

Michelle, mom of a 3 year old

Hello, this is me…

Now who is this lady and why should I believe her?

I’m Sarah Bester – a family nutritionist and Picky Eating Coach and I’ve helped hundreds of busy moms raise healthy eaters instead of picky eaters.

And trust me, I know how hard it can be. When my first little guy started solids I figured I could just cook healthy meals, make him eat kale, avoid giving him sugar and he’d grow up to be a happy, healthy eater. 

Reality check!

Kids are tiny people with minds of their own and getting them to love and appreciate food isn’t as easy as it sounds. Sure, he loved all foods at first – but then he begain to boycott healthy foods one by one. My child had turned into a picky eater!

So I dove into the research and I learned that I had been doing it all wrong. And in the process, Tyson had formed a few bad habits. 

BUT since implementing the strategies you’ll learn in The Picky Eater Reboot, Tyson now eats a wide vareity of different foods, tries anything and mealtimes at our house are fun and enjoyable. Plus, I’ve been able to apply these strategies with my 2.5 year old daughter, and she is the most adventurous eater I know!

And now, as an expert in picky eating and healthy habit development I help other parents do the same.

The Picky Eater Reboot contains all of my best strategies that I’ve used to have success with my one-on-one clients (and my own children!) This powerful program is fun, easy to implement at your own pace and will completely change your child’s relationship with food.

Now it’s YOUR time to end picky eating forever!


The investment…









You’ll get 6 weeks of video lessons, homework checklists and additional resources (recipes, worksheets, checklists etc), access to the private Facebook group, all of the bonuses and more!

Join NOW $297 $247 

Sign up for The Picky Eater Reboot TODAY!
Early bird pricing ends   and the reboot starts January 29, 2018.  (Space is limited and may be the only time I run the program this year.)

© 2018 Sarah Bester. All rights reserved.


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