I started reading healthy living blogs a few years ago and I am always excited when I discover a quality blog written by someone local to me.  Along with the great recipes and health information, local healthy living bloggers often give insight into interesting events or restaurants in your area – and I just think there is more of a personal connection to someone who is writing from the same city, or province or even the same country as you.

Kristin Dovbniak is one of those bloggers for me.  I discovered her original blog Cook, Bake, Nibble in my early blog reading days, and instantly became a follower.  Kristin is a natural foods chef, so her recipes are not only healthy but super delicious.  She provides great information on natural living in general with posts on topics ranging from gluten free living to natural cold remedies and she brings a “local flair” to her blog with restaurant reviews etc.

Imagine my excitement when Kristin recently announced her latest project – she is pregnant (congratulations Kristin and hubby!) and  has started a second blog to chronicle her pregnancy journey and to encourage families to “live naturally, during pregnancy birth and beyond.”

Niblet Blog is a beautiful website and an amazing new resource for moms and moms-to-be with an interest in a natural approach.  Kristin provides information from her own personal experience and knowledge, as well as guest posts from a variety of bloggers and experts in the field.


Today I am excited to be a guest-posting on Niblet Blog.   So far I’ve  focused my own posts on baby and kids nutrition, but today I’m going back to my pregnancy days – before I was even thinking about feeding a child.

Head on over to Niblet Blog to read my Three Ways to get Your Greens While Pregnant and to be introduced to a new place place to find Real Food tips and recipes.  And for all my Toronto readers, a new local blog to follow!


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