Wow, it’s been a whirlwind of snowy weather this week here in southern Ontario (and in some parts of the US for my American readers)!  Although the sun is out today, I suspect we are pretty much entering that time of year where going outside becomes less appealing, while staying nice and cozy indoors seems a lot more desirable.  Which is the perfect lead-in to my post for today about online shopping – which I like to do from home, preferably in my pyjamas.

Let me explain.

Goodness Me! – An Introduction


You may have seen on my FaceBook a couple of weeks ago that I attended a blogger event at a Goodness Me! Natural Food Market location in Mississauga.  Goodness Me! is a health food store and natural food market whose mission is to discover, educate about and offer healthy living products.  The founder Janet Jacks and her husband started the company in Hamilton, Ontario in 1981 when they opened a small health food store. The have grown the company considerably over the last 3 decades and currently have 6 locations.


Goodness Me! is definitely the epitome of “family business”, despite it’s growth.  We had the pleasure of having Janet Jacks speak at the event and man oh man, is this women passionate about healthy living!  Not only is Janet’s story inspiring, but her drive to spread the word about the power of food is clearly what motivates her – and I love the idea of supporting a company whose values align so closely with mine.

The event was my first time visiting a Goodness Me! store, and I was actually quite surprised at how BIG and BEAUTIFUL the store was and how much variety they offer.

What you can find at Goodness Me!:

  • Organic & natural groceries
  • High quality natural supplements
  • Local natural & dairy products
  • 100% organic produce every day!
  • Healthy lifestyles products, such as juicers, vitamixes and cookware
  • Educational classes and courses
  • Lifewatchers: 10 week healthy living program
  • Bulk foods
  • Knowledgeable staff & excellent customer service
  • Resources for all your health questions
  • Goodness eatery & bakery (in some locations), including salad bar, smoothie bar, juice bar, hot meals, wraps and packages salads, cookies, muffins, pies, and more! (I can attest to the amazing quality of the prepared food as they served us a delicious selection of delicious food at the event!)

For families that are looking to introduce more Real Food, including organic produce, into their lives – this is your one stop shop.

If you are from Ontario and you haven’t heard about Goodness Me!, you will likely start hearing a lot more about them soon.  They are rapidly expanding with stores opening in Guelph, Waterloo, Paris and Barrie over the next few months.  I’m so excited that such a wide variety of healthy food and products will be so accessible to so many families!

Taking it Online

But wait, there’s more!  For those of you who don’t live in Ontario – or who prefer to shop in their pyjamas like me – I have pretty exciting news.  Goodness Me! has just launched their online store, with shipping to all Canadian residents!

I am so pumped about this because quite honestly, I find that my regular grocery store does not carry a lot of the healthy living products that I’m looking for, and as a busy mom, adding another stop to the shopping trip is sometimes WAY too time-consuming or just overwhelming (especially with Tyson in tow).  And I’m sure once baby #2 is here, this will become even more daunting.  Out of necessity, I have become a pretty serious online shopper over the last couple of years and I am so excited to have Goodness! Me as another “online shopping destination”.

The website is great – very easy to navigate and appealing to look at.  One particularly helpful aspect of the site for people with food intolerances or dietary restrictions is the Goodness Me! Health Badges.  You can find them for each product on the site, and they make identifying “problem” ingredients much, much easier.  I know a lot of my clients will really appreciate this feature.


For me, one of the key factors in choosing an online store is whether or not they have free shipping.  I’m frugal, and I have a hard time spending money on shipping – even if it is more convenient.  The great thing about the online store at Goodness Me! is that they have free shipping on all orders over $59 (and let’s be honest, its pretty easy to spend $59 on food, supplements and personal care products).  And the shipping is pretty quick – which is a bonus.

Goodness for YOU!

Okay, so now the extra exciting news.  As a Goodness Me! Brand Ambassador, I am able to offer all Kids Heart Real Food readers an exclusive limited 25% discount on your first order at the Goodness Me! online store.  Just enter the discount code KHRF when you checkout.

Happy Shopping!

(Oh, and stay tuned for more information on my in-person seminars during the upcoming grand opening of the Goodness Me! Guelph and Waterloo locations in early 2015, for readers living in that area.)


Disclaimer: As a brand ambassador for Goodness Me! this post contains affiliate links.  However, I only promote products and services that I 100% believe in, I promise!


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