family nutritionist and picky eating coach


family nutritionist and picky eating coach

Like seriously, no boot camp could have prepared you for these trenches.

You’re not worried about being a perfect, Pinterest-worthy mama, you just want to get through the day and raise healthy, happy, thriving, kiddos.

And not going insane in the process would be an added plus.

The last thing you need is to worry about is what your kids are putting in their mouth. (Except for maybe legos. What’s with eating legos?)

Any of these hit close to home?

You’re sick of conflicting nutritional information. Nobody has time to wade through mountains of data or rummage through a sea of badly written blogs. You just want to know what to feed your kids, NOW!

You’ve had it up to HERE with the same 3-4 meals your kids will actually eat. If there’s another night of dino-shaped chicken nugs, you might rip your hair out. All of it.

Your kids won’t touch anything new, or green, or saucy. And they’ve caught on that the spoon isn’t actually an airplane.

The question, “What are we having for dinner” comes with a side of existential dread. And you feel super guilty when the answer is ‘take-out’ for the 3rd night in a row.

You’re worried your kids are eating too little or too much. You just want to feel confident you’re not screwing this up!

You’ve tried everything! Bribing, begging, forcing, cutting food into animal shapes. The works!

You know getting your kids to eat right is important. It’s the key them truly thriving in life.  Maybe, you even know first-hand how hard it is to kick habits when you’re older. (Five cups of coffee a day is not a habit…it’s a necessity!)

Girl, I get it. I’m in these parenting trenches with ya!

I know first hand how hard it is to get a healthy meal on the table, but also how SUPER important healthy eating truly is.

Let me take you back a bit…My path to becoming a Holistic Nutritionist actually started when I suffered from some minor health issues of my own. I wasn’t horribly ill, but I always felt off — tired, bloated, out of breath, nauseous– stuff that stopped me from truly living my fullest life.

When I finally visited a naturopath, they tweaked a couple key components in my diet and I suddenly felt BETTER that I had in my entire life. I had energy, clarity and lightness!

Being a life-long learner, I went back to school to learn everything I could about holistic nutrition. (I was obsessed.) I soon became a Certified Nutritional Practitioner.

So naturally, when I got pregnant with first child, I was so passionate about setting him up to feel his very best at all times and never having to deal with that “blah” feeling that had been my normal for so much of my life. Knowing the true power of food, I committed to making sure he only ate healthy and nourishing foods right from the start, so that he would avoid disease and have all the energy he needed to take on the world! I want my kids to grow into strong, healthy adults and carry their good eating habits with them throughout their lives.

I figured I could just cook healthy meals, make him eat veggies, tell him to avoid too much sugar, and he’d be good to go!

Kids are tiny people with minds of their own! I honestly think their main goal in life is to SHOOT DOWN all your grand plans.

Sure, I knew parenting would be hard but I had no idea just HOW much it takes over your WHOLE life.  You don’t have the energy to think of elaborate, healthy meals, let along actually MAKE them! (Even boiling water sounds exhausting!)

Then, even if I could get something great on the table, getting my kids to eat healthy was WAY harder than I ever imagined. 

I had to completely change my perspective on healthy eating. 

How to make healthy meals when you have choose between a nap and going to the grocery store (nap always wins). How to encourage your kids to eat the right foods when you don’t have the energy to be the ‘food cop’. I realized if I was going to make this work I had to keep things simple, and keep my priorities straight.

It took a lot of late nights of reading and studying and so many failed attempts with my own kids (yep, I use my kids as guinea pigs) BUT I compiled all the research from the very best experts in the fields of feeding and healthy habit development and I put together a giant toolset to help any kid love and appreciate food.

It’s about teaching them to have a healthy relationship with food so they’ll naturally pick healthy options, get the nutrients they need, and maintain these habits for the rest of their lives! 

(No parental supervision needed!)

Now, I work with families all over the country and they’ve experienced major SUCCESS with my easy to follow steps, strategies, and personalized coaching.  Plus, I get to keep developing my programs as I work with more families and my own two kiddos!

I’m passionate about helping families find calm in the kitchen, and empowering them with all the tools and wisdom needed to raise healthy, happy, eaters.

{I hear the dinner bell ringing! Let’s get to work!}

© 2016 Sarah Bester. All rights reserved.


...includes sample meal and snack schedules + tips on establishing a solid routine


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