St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and it is absolutely one of my favourite holidays.  I’m not Irish (although my husband is on his mom’s side), but I’ve always loved the festive atmosphere and happy-go-lucky vibe of this celebration of everything green.  I know, I know – in North America we’ve totally commercialized it and made it about partying and shenanigans more than anything else, but I still can’t help getting caught up in fanfare – with a “Kiss Me I’m Irish” button and all.

As I get older, the celebrations have become a little tamer (no more racing to get to the pub for 11am!) but I am still all about celebrating on and being festive on St. Patty’s Day.  Having kids makes it even more fun, because I have an excuse to be cheesy and to celebrate.

So I trolled the internet and am sharing with you some simple (and green!) Real Food St. Patrick’s Day snack ideas to get your family feeling the Luck O’ the Irish! (You will notice that there is no hazardous artificial green food colouring to be seen).

1) Healthy Green Fruit Kebabs from Spark Recipes

A pretty darn simple green snack.  And for some reason, putting fruit or veggies on a stick is always a hit with kids!

Fruit Kabobs

2) Leprechaun Hats from Creative Food

Okay, this is slightly complicated but it’s so cute!

Leprechaun Hats Collage

3)  Mini Shamrock Pizza from Food Idea Recipes

I always like to emphasize that snacks shouldn’t always be just “snack foods” but instead “mini-meals”.  Here’s an “Irish” twist on pizza that would make a great snack.

cute yummy mini shamrock pizza st. patricks day lunch ideas st patricks day for kids-f87122

4) Fruit Rainbow from Irish American Mom

Another creative fruit display.

Fruit Rainbow

5) Cinnamon ‘Oat’Meal Raisin Cookies from Against All Grain

If you’ve never seen this before, it’s worth taking a look at this recipe for a lesson in science.  The green colour in the cookies is simply a reaction of the sunbutter and baking soda.  Pretty cool!

Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

And of course a couple recipes from this blog:

6)  Avocado Cucumber Dip

This would  be great paired with a skewer of green veggies.

Avocado Cucumber Dip2

7) Green Eggs

Who says you can’t have eggs for a snack?  Healthy, filling and delicious!

Green Eggs1

8) Kale Pesto

Put this on top of anything to make it St. Patrick’s themed.

Kale Pesto

9) Green Smoothie or Green Juice

Of course any green smoothie or juice is a great snack to serve on St. Patrick’s Day.  To make it extra festive, call it a “Shamrock Shake” or a “Lucky Leprechaun Smoothie”.  Seriously, how you present the food can sometimes make all the difference!


However you choose to celebrate this fun-filled holiday, I hope it is full of luck and love…and maybe some leafy greens 🙂


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